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Thermal Blues Express presents high quality "shake your booty" Blues, with it's high-spirited originals and a plethora of classic Chicago and Delta tunes that leave you rockin'. Led by wailing harmonica, lightening keys, ripping guitar and complemented by a heart-stopping bass and rhythm section, this Phoenix based Blues band literally rocks the doors off the house.
As part of our promotional package:
-Thermal Blues Express fan list reaches over 100 valley households
-We send out invitations and reminders to every show as well as a Thermal Blues Express Facebook page
-Thermal Blues Express can do our Howlin' Wolf Tribute Show by request
-We advertise and can supply posters to Your Venue
-Custom made website with calendar and other Thermal Blues Express can't miss info
Adding TBE to your lineup will bring in the loyal following of the band, as well as establish new fans that will become regulars of your fine establishment. With the groovy, pounding, and familiar sounds of the blues, a local venue can put itself into the forefront of the Arizona Blues scene, as well as increase its revenue. Thermal Blues Express currently has two albums out with the most recent 2012 release "My Friends and I" and a new album in production for 2015.
Contact: Thomas "DaGerm" German call (602)549-5219 or email
Visit or call the TBE hotline at (480)778-3157









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